Random Facts and Tidbits about Me!

I am someone who love to be with people, and my family (mostly my dog Willard) and loves to do stuff. My favorite stuff to do in summer are activities like tubing down the Niobrara River with my friends and family because my Grandpa owns and rents cabins up in Northern Nebraska. I also love to hang out with friends and do things with them like shopping, eating, and exploring. In my backyard, there is a beautiful pond where I go to relax, pray, listen to music, and maybe even try to find turtles! Theater and acting is my real passion, especially when I perform with my friends! I starred in a production of Pinkalicious last March, and it was amazing. Being on stage helps me to really shine and be myself. My favorite food is spaghetti, because it is just so good. I hope you learned a little bit more about me!

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